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I guess I could have continued the series, but I believe all the relationships and characters ar e now formed. And since the books are heavily reliant on the growth and development of the characters, if I were to continue, the series would become stale. I'm not sure how I can tell you what will surprise readers without giving anything away. The story is set 16 years after the final chapter in The Lost Stories , so there are some significant changes in characters and their roles.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sign up for Ranger's news About the Ranger Corps. Flanagan's early novels originated mainly as thrillers. Humbling is the first word that springs to mind. After writing advertising copy for the next two decades, John teamed with an old friend to develop a television sitcom, Hey Dad! I guess I could have continued the series, but I believe all the relationships and characters ar e now formed.

What page they're up to. I find that's enormously useful.

Seriously, all I ask of readers is that they open their minds, let the characters inside and then enjoy themselves with them. There's nothing particular for them to keep in mind. I try not to preach. There are values presented in the books but I hope not in a "you must behave like this" way.

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The books are meant to be fun, exciting and diverting. My emails show me that most kids find them that way. I believe the digital age, and electronic books, have provided a wider platform from which authors can present their works, and a new opportunity for readers to view them. That's a good thing, because more people are reading. Personally, I still prefer to read a hard copy book, and I think a lot of my readers feel the same way.

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They like having the collection on their shelves. It's not quite the same as turning on a Kindle and looking at what's on the Cloud. Once, at a signing in Virginia, I signed a Kindle for a kid. His father was less than impressed. It was his Kindle.

John Flanagan

There's a certain amount of hand eye coordination that's involved, and a need for fast reflexes. I'm not sure there's any learning process involved. It's just fun and exciting. In that, I think it mirrors the books. What's your involvement in the Ranger Corp Training Camp? Have you visited?

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What do you think about the concept? I'm not involved. I wish I were. I visited Camp Kern in Ohio late last year. There was no camp on at that time but I was able to inspect the premises and the facilities and meet a lot of the staff. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?

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Even Halt gets seasick, after all. Take notes. Look at people around you. Ask how those traits will affect their behaviour. You might even take your main character and write a short story about his or her background, his history. Where he came from. What events shaped him. How he reacts to danger, to sorrow, to triumph.

You may find that in your main narrative you refer back to significant events in this short back story. The false prophet of the Outsider cult escaped justice for his crimes in Clonmel, and Halt is determined to stop him before he crosses the border into Araluen.

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Will has defeated one of Tennyson's Genovesan assassins in Clonmel - but there are two left alive. Are the extraordinary archery skills of Will and Halt enough to save them during a duel with the Genovesans. Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return.

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Evanlyn is worried, and in company with Will and Alyss, she sets out to discover what has become of their old friend. They find that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon-Jan politics. The arrogant Senshi sect has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler. Now he and Will must find men willing to face the highly trained Senshi warriors, while Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their longstanding rivalry to seek aid from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers.

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Excitement, drama and action - and the answers to all your burning questions about the Rangers of Araluen! Everyone knows the legends of the Rangers of Araluen.

But no one has heard the whole story - until now. Has Halt told Will the truth about how Will became an orphan? Is there to be a royal wedding - or will tragedy strike first? Inspired by questions and letters sent by his loyal readers, John Flanagan answers all your burning questions about the world of the Rangers. John Flanagan makes a spectacular return to the world of Ranger's Apprentice - but what has happened since you last saw Will and his friends might shock you! After a senseless tragedy destroys his life, Will is obsessed with punishing those responsible - even if it means leaving the Ranger Corps.

His worried friends must find a way to stop him taking such a dark path. Read More. Visit the Extras page.

Look out for Brotherband 5: Scorpion Mountain in November! Read more. They move silent as a shadow. They climb impossible heights. Their archery skills are unsurpassed. They are Rangers. Read the mega-bestselling series about Will and his friends from Castle Redmont.