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Pros: Footprints uses a wide range of iPhone functionality and includes specific location alerts. Footprints can alert a parent when a child leaves a designated location, or when a child goes on the move. Cons: Footprints is only available on iOS and requires a yearly subscription fee. GPS Tracking Pro :.

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Parents can track a child via a web site and can use the site to find a lost or stolen phone. NQ Family Guardian :. Currently NQ Family guardian is free for 30 days and then requires a subscription fee. Cons: It is only available for Android phones, and user reviews suggest it does not work on the newest model Samsung phones running Android Jellybean. Pros: SecuraPhone claims to use real time GPS monitoring and tracking to issue alerts on location and speed.

A unique feature on the Android version of SecuraPhone prevents children from texting while driving. If you are looking for an app to help track your kids , the apps listed above should meet your needs. MamaBear child tracker app for Android.

TOP 10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids 2019: Wearable devices for children safe

MamaBear child tracker app for Iphone. Can the child turn off the app when the want.

One daughter has a iPhone well it work with my Samsung 9 And the other daughter has a Samsung 8. I have the nine. And need to keep track of my daughters. Its great stuff for every parent who is far from their children. Thanks for sharing a piece of great information. I tried this app called flare ar on the App Store.

How to Track My Kids Phone for Free?

It allowed me and my kids to agree on them sending me their location vs. It is pretty neat and also has built in chat. They can send me a flare that shows me their exact location! I also set up a group flare that showed me where everyone is at the same time. My husband and I actually use this with our friends when we are meeting at an event so we can see everyones progress. At on time, one of my kids had a flat tire, and they sent me a flare. I pulled up her location and pressed the directions button and it took me right to her! Thanks for sharing these links. Meanwhile fitness trackers for kids have been criticised for leading children to start calorie counting at a young age.

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Then there are the accusations of helicopter parents using smartwatches to track their children at all times. The best smartwatches for kids are carefully designed with both the child and his or her parents in mind. T his pleasant-looking, waterproof watch includes a camera, a pedometer, an alarm clock and a stopwatch. If you want to add a contact, you can, but they won't be adding anyone you don't approve of.

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The call quality is actually really good; the watch has a crystal clear microphone and speaker. There's no headphone jack, so conversations can't really be conducted privately — which may be for the best, depending on your point of view. In terms of parental controls, the functionality doesn't end there. T he watch also features an encrypted GPS tracker that updates constantly with your child's location.

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“Find My Kids” is a family GPS tracker for child safety and parental control. You can connect GPS watch or install a special program on your child's phone. Find lost or wandering children quickly and easily. A few of the benefits of owning this free app are: Automatically receive place alerts when your child returns.

If they're in danger, they can hold the button on the watch down for a few seconds and you'll get an SOS alert. Trust me when I say you won't fail to notice.

Your phone lights up, the volume goes full blast, and a siren sounds. You can also set safety zones - a radius of m around the school, for example. If your child leaves one of these zones, you'll get an alert. Thanks to a collaboration with Sony, kids can even link the XPLORA GO up with their PlayStation and win in-game rewards for achieving fitness goals, which is a cute and interesting way to encourage them to get active. I criticised the previous model, the XPLORA 3S for a weak battery life of only 36 hours, suggesting that children might forget to charge it.

The other upgrade from 3S to GO is that you can now use the GO in 'asset mode' this means you can attach it to a bag, bike, or jacket and track that. Ideal if your little one is always losing their stuff. Personally I think I'd be more interested in keeping track of the children and letting them use it as a smartwatch but it's a nice feature to have. S till, for the child who isn't old enough for a smartphone but is old enough to want one, this is the perfect mid-point which should help settle those arguments for a little while, at least.

Go with the GO! Buy now. Why we like it: Makes exercise fun for kids and offers a cute way for parents to incentivise chores. T here's plenty of debate around the idea of fitness tracking for children. Worrying about hitting exercise goals and calorie counting are adult concerns, loaded with implicit connotations about body image. Not something we should be subjecting kids to. The boardgame works by rewarding activity in real life. If the watch records 60 minutes of activity from your kid, they are allowed to make one move on the board. There is also a challenge mode where the kids can compare steps with approved friends and family members.

One of the sweetest features of the app actually has nothing to do with exercise. Parents can set chores for children to tick off, and reward them with a corresponding number of digital coins for each chore they complete. Brush their teeth in the morning? Five coins!

Set the table for dinner? Ten coins!