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It was too eerie I have no doubt there are a ton of related tricks to surreptitiously capture audio. My phone was a Nokia i. Awesome phone, wish I still had it. Yep, this is legit and I remember a "friend" who works in security for the government telling me about this fun feature about six years ago. It's software-based, so the eavesdropper doesn't have to "plant a bug" or be anywhere NEAR your phone. Just assume that every conversation you've had in the past 10 years was recorded by the NSA.

Wasn't there a bit of a hissy fit in Europe recently about the staff of Ericcson phones installing this stuff, and it was used against people in the Greek government? Octavian Raising the voltage enough to get across the physical switch-contacts on both sides of the line would make a pretty dramatic show, if you tried it on a phone from the first hundred years of telephony, which are still common today.

When one controls all means of production, a lot is possible. Didn't the Feds do this with the built-in 'phone home' phones in mercedes S class saloons some time ago? That car being favoured by high income types of every persuasion - some bright spark noticed a lot of criminal big wigs have them and figured out how to activate the phone remotely and so 'bug' the car with no need for physical access.

This has been talked about befor on your blog and enough info has been put on it for you to have more than a hypothesis It is all to easy to do and the software can be downloaded to the phone by the phone operator. Most mobile phone code uses standard chips and copies of either existing code or code that is supplied by the chip manufacture as refrence code. So it is easily possible for a knowledgable cracker to do the same, and you have seen reports of Mobile Phone viruses that are real so why do you doubt it?

Don't think battery think very high value "super cap" capacitor of half a farad or more they can keep things running for several days. You find them in lots of comsumer equipment these days to hold charge for Real Time Clocks etc whilst the battery is being charged, Oh and the average rechargable battery is omly good for around charges where as a super cap is good for several thousand.

I think you are confusing two things here. First off the "Spy Catcher" device worked on a very simple idea, you put an RF carrier on the line from outside the house that is a little above the MediumWave band, you also insert inductors on the exchange side and a couple of caps across the line to bring the phone and it's line to resonance. The "Hook Switch" being a real switch back in those days looked like a very very small capacitance in series with the carbon granual microphone which efffectivly bridged the tuned cct.

You then picked this modulated signal back up off the line with a current pick up think VSWR detector circuit.


Eagle supposedly carved by Moscow children was given to the US ambassador who hung it on his wall. The two cavities where connected to each other by a diode that acted as a frequency multiplier.

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When the Rusians beamed a microwave signal at the eagle a multiple of the frequency was re-radiated modulated by any sounds in the room. Supposedly the Russians beamed a very very large amount of microwave radiation from a church adjacent to the embasy which prompted many jokes about it. Tim "turning on automatic answer on a mobile phone, rather than something more mysterious". A couple of these ideas appear to have been used against a hundred or so people prior and during the Athens Olympics Bruce Covered it when it broke news back then It appears they used "Standard Software" in Ericson Switches.

To Bug just Calls and SMS although there are hints at other activities, which a death put an end to further enquires.

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Yes as do most "digital service" landline switches, they always have done and the same thing is available for all mobile phone switches as well if you want to pay for it and you are the right sort of customer First off unless you are using a very old think analogue channel based system most mobile phones give away the fact that they are transmitting to an audio Amplifier or medium wave radio. It is fairly simple to demonstrate turn on your hifi amp and MW receiver tuned to a blank part of the band ie his and make a call to your home phone then move your mobile close to your hifi.

You will hear a very anoying buzzing noise which is your mobile phone sending out packets of data. Your HiFi is "envelope detecting" the signal. You also get a similar effect when you put your mobile next to a modern electronic phone. Therefor you can build a reliable "bug detector" for this out of a small audio amplifier a diode a capacitor and a small coil of wire.

Basicaly a mobile phone like most other digital electronic equipment generates all kinds of RF junk that gets into all kinds of other electronics, and data in one cross modulates with the other. The UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher baned the use of mobile phones in all confrences and secure areas for specifficaly that reason.

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The current incumbrent and his cohorts chose to ignore the demonstrations and still go to sensitive meetings with their mobiles on Any manufacturer that designed in a side-channel capability would hope to receive favorable treatment from the US government, right? As long as the bug software took this into account then it is not a problem. Only partialy true, if it transmits on the lowest power or you keep your phone in an inside pocket you are unlikley to notice though a cheep thermal image cammera or IR remote temp meter certainly would.

Actually it is not that practical, most efficient compression software "throws away" background and other "non prime" audio content in order to get the compression ratios needed.

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Unfortunatly when used as a bug this "throw away" audio is usually the stuff you realy want to hear. ALso some phones with "noise canceling mics" are likewise not very good when it comes to bugging for similar reasons On the subject of phone tapping Matt Blaze gave a talk up at Stanford on just this subject back in March this year as a follow up to his paper,.

It is certainly worth a read as you might be realy surprised who can legaly own and operate wire tap equipment in the US 18 USC 2 b and just how cheaply it can be obtained. If you go looking on the Internet for "wire tap" equipment you might find the expression "Telephone loop extenders" will get you more reliable information both illegal and legal. Back many years ago in the UK such equipment was refered to as a "pole job" because it was usually put up the top of the telegraph pole by a General Post Office squirrel , however few people are old enough to either remeber or talk about such things these days The legal bods all moved over to the central exchange where it was "warm and cosey" and no "interested parties" hanging around.

In later years "pole job" also refered to a piece of very illegal equipment that you would put in the "equipment room" of a block of "flats" where all the telephone pairs where available. Basically it bridged many pairs and had a control pair. If you lifted the handset on the control pair it would find a vacant line and switch it over to you so you could make calls at other peoples expense. The equipment is supprisingly easy to make, and it was also quite easy to add features that indicated the "real owner" of the line had picked up as well as faking a dial tone followed by a busy signal to them after they had dialed a couple of digits.

As others have said, no need to hypothesize.

You might call this as much a feature as a "bug", depending on your perspective. Eventually, if not now, people will have a need for monitoring the software config and traffic for their mobile devices. And the more data stored on the server back to your theory of removing the assets from remote devices with constant connectivity, the more users can simply hard-reset their device at a moment's notice to destroy bugs without losing their contacts, calendar, etc. Even just walking by an FM radio, cable television, or most electronic communication devices will start giving audible noise-clicks.

For good measure any type of carry-on electronic device cell, calculators, watches, pens should be left at the door before entering "private" areas. Usually anything said in these areas shouldn't be written down in the first place so justifying an electronic device would be really difficult and really draw suspicion.

There are things you can do to reduce the posibility but the answer would still be the same. When I worked at the University during the '90's there was a move to 'privatize' a bunch of civil service positions. The civil service staff were understandably concerned. The University boardroom contained a projection screen, with a computer intended for showing Powerpoint presentations.

Some folks I know wrote a tiny, simple program that captured the audio from the built-in microphone and sent the packets over the campus network to our desktop systems. Under the guise of a tech support call they installed it on the boardroom projection PC. We could then sit at our desks and listen to what was going on in the boardroom, regarding the privatization or whatever, at any time.

I suspect the very same little eavesdropping program would work on my MDA.

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Fortunately I don't have anything to worry about from overzealous law enforcement, because I've never done anything wrong. Aside from the software bugs just wait until your car navigation runs Java , and hardware bugs, which spy-types have been doing for years, there are also secondary ways of listening to things. Ordinary objects become transducers in the presence of sound waves.

Sound waves vibrate air and the air vibrates anything it hits correspondingly. While building walls are difficult to listen to, glass isn't. The microphone in your mobile phone works on this principle: when you speak, it generates an electrical waveform corresponding to the sounds you make. Between radar, sonar and eavesdropping, engineers and scientists have been working on the technology to use these transducers for a long time.

Between low-noise amplifiers and technology to pick one signal out of noise from another, there's a lot that you can do with some well-designed circuits and a directional pick-up. C'mon guys! A phone has a And an antena Securing a cellie is a reaserch project in itself. A wise note. This gives us an idea of which phone most probably does not come bundled with some preinstalled backdoor. On an almost unrelated note, Mr Schneier, the man who discovered that a backdoor in a switch was utilized has died in a "tragic accident".

How new do phones have to be in order for the phone mic to be remotely turned on to eavesdrop on conversations near the phone? This is one good reason to use old equipment, if all it is for is to receive and make calls, no camera or other fancy stuff. About as probable as the death of Ken Lay during the window between conviction and sentencing, resulting in automatic abatement and thereby saving his estate millions of dollars otherwise forfeit.

That's why I've carefully avoided becoming wealthy - I'd hate to find out the hard way that I was worth more dead than alive So cell phones aren't secure. Is that news? What, do we need legislation to protect us? What good will legislation do when a criminals don't care about legislation and b governments can and will insert clauses allowing them to bypass legislation. You have to take care of yourself in this world. Considering the federal government in the U.

Remotely Eavesdropping on Cell Phone Microphones

You can't choose a specific number. Pause Digit Entry Details of how the Nextel bugs worked are sketchy. I have a unlocked boost mobile i with clip for sale as well, Its almost brand new. But at least one model had a disconcerting problem: it would answer a call without ringing. Any device within range can pull the signal from the air and access the internet.

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