Saint clairsville belmont county death records

Death records transcribed from the Bellaire Health Department, Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio

Martins Ferry Evening Times. August 3, — December 26, Bellaire Herald.

January 13, - January 5, January — May 18, Bellaire Daily Leader. May 19, — September 30, October — December January - June March 10, — September 30, October — July 23, Flushing News. July 24, — Dec.

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Martins Ferry Daily Times. Record of meetings of trustees of county home, showing date of meeting, approval of bills for supplies and other expense for maintenance of the home, and all business transacted in connection with the institution. Also includes annual inventories of property belonging to the home.

James Cloyd Taylor

Prior to trustees were appointed to serve as infirmary directors. Since the county commissioners have served in this capacity.

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Classified list of weekly receipts and expenditures of the county infirmary, showing date of transaction, amount received or spent, to whom paid, for what purpose, and source of receipts, including proceeds from sale of garden products, livestock, hides, wool, and other farm products. Bmt stg.

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Reports submitted by infirmary directors to county commissioners of receipts and expenditures of institution, showing date of transaction, name of payer or payee, and amount and purpose of transaction. Also includes report of condition of institution and farm, showing date report filed, date directors not at infirmary, number of inmates at time of last report, number received since last report, number discharged, died, or run away, and number remaining at time of last report. Requisitions for supplies for county infirmary, submitted by infirmary directors to commissioners for their approval, showing date and number of requisition, to whom directed, itemized list of supplies needed, unit price, total, and signatures of commissioners.

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However, they are available upon specific request from researchers who e-mail us. Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary poorhouse Records. Ohioans should be Up-to-Date on Recommended Vaccines Vaccinations are the safest, most effective way to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases odx-read-more about the article: Ohioans should be Up-to-Date on Recommended Vaccines. Hepatitis A Statewide Community Outbreak The Ohio Department of Health ODH has declared a statewide community outbreak of hepatitis A after observing an increase in cases linked to certain risk factors since the beginning of Quick Links to Resources.

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Guide to Belmont County, Ohio ancestry, family history, and genealogy birth records, It's county seat is St. Clairsville and was founded September 7, Registers all births, deaths and fetal deaths occurring in Belmont County; Issues certified copies of certificates for births (occurring in Ohio only) and deaths.

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