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The Instr Function returns 1 because the text is found in the first position. The Instr Function is case-sensitive by default. To make the test case-insensitive read below.

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Enter 1 to start searching from position 1 or leave blank. Enter 5 to start searching from position 5.

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By setting this argument you can make Instr Case insensitive:. The Instr start position allows you to indicate the character position where you will begin your search. Keep in mind however, the Instr output will always count from 1. In other words, VBA is case-sensitive. This is true of all text functions.


Option Compare Text will impact all of the code in that module. I personally place this at the top of any module that deals with text because I never care about case differences.

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The Instr Function searches from the left. Instead you can search from the right using the InstrRev Function. The InstrRev Function works very similarly to the Instr function. Stop searching for VBA code online.


Learn more about AutoMacro — A VBA Code Builder that allows beginners to code procedures from scratch with minimal coding knowledge and with many time-saving features for all users! Here we will use an If statement to test if a string contains a a substring of text:. This code will find the position of a single character in a string and assign the position to a variable:.

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To learn more, read our article: VBA text functions. Associated Files Download Links. Sub FindSomeText. End Sub.

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Sub FindSomeText2. Instr [ start ] , string , substring , [ compare ]. Option Compare Text. Learn More!

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View solution in original post. You have another option to handle the error and also to return Text instead of a Number. Plus you can also very easily handle this in the Query Editor by creating a Conditional column using the User Interface. Hope this helps! I do not know if I explain, but Experience a limitless analytics service built to ingest, prep, manage, and serve data for immediate use in Power BI.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

How to find nth occurrence (position) of a character in text string in Excel?

Text functions If omitted, search begins at the first character position. Tip: In Access , the Expression Builder has IntelliSense, so you can see what. note. values can be dates, numbers, or text If you are in the design grid of Access you can enter the search criteria to filter/find as follows (the.

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I want a custom column to search a part of a text within another column. Thanks in advance! Labels: Need Help. Message 1 of Accepted Solutions.

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View all 58 products. Sometimes, you want a percentage of records and not a fixed number. The Left function then extracts that many characters from the left portion of the IPAddress field, returning the value Viagra Soft Tabs. Offset , 1 Me.

To learn more about DAX visit : aka. Message 4 of Message 2 of Yes, that works. But aren't the 3rd and 4th argument optional? Message 3 of Sean Super Contributor. Message 5 of This is cool, thanks a lot!